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What are Psychedelics?

According to the Psychedelic Society, Psychedelics are substances that induce a heightened state of consciousness The best known psychedelics are psilocybin (found in Magic Mushrooms), DMT (found in Ayahuasca), mescaline (found in Peyote and San Pedro Cacti) and LSD.

Studies suggest psychedelics could be a breakthrough therapy for mental health issues including depression, anxiety, addiction, OCD, and PTSD through their ability to work on a deep emotional as well as biological level.

Psychedelics can also bring about profoundly positive and meaningful experiences for people who aren’t facing any particular issue or difficulty. Many participants in a Johns Hopkins study said…

Consider this your trigger warning.

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I’m not an adolescent. I’m not White. I’m not acting out for attention.

I am a Black queer woman in my forties who intentionally inflicts pain on her body.

Why the fuck would anyone do that?

Honestly, I have no clue. I only know why I do it. I wish I could say “why I did it in the past” but yeah…

I was fifteen years old the first time I cut. My mother and I had just finished another cruel battle of words. We were both pissed and I was physically ill with frustration. I wanted to punch a…

What I’ve learned about being a non-traumatizing friend to someone in pain

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After my marraige crumbled two years ago I fell into a swampy dark depression. Most of my friends had no clue what to do. Many tiptoed around me not wanting to add to the pain. Others distanced themselves because the depth of my grief was more than they could handle.

I wasn’t offended. I understood. If I could have taken time away from myself then I would have in heartbeat.

Showing up for a friend that is in the grip of despair can be painful. Everyone isn’t able to do it. …

Robin Divine

I write about mental health and I’m an advocate for making psychedelics accessible for Black Women. Insta: @blackpeopletrip email:

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